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Where is CompoSecure’s corporate headquarters?
309 Pierce Street
Somerset, NJ 08873
On which exchange is CompoSecure traded?
Nasdaq Global Market (NasdaqGlobal)
What is CompoSecure’s ticker symbol?
Class A Common Stock: CMPO
Warrants: CMPOW
How can I purchase shares of CompoSecure?
Shares of our Class A Common Stock may be purchased in the open market through any licensed broker or dealer.
When does CompoSecure’s fiscal year end?
December 31
Who is CompoSecure’s independent auditor?
Grant Thornton LLP
What is CompoSecure’s CUSIP number?
Class A Common Stock: 20459V105
Warrants: 20459V113
How do I contact Investor Relations?
Sean Mansouri, CFA
Elevate IR
Phone: (720) 330-2829
When did CompoSecure go public?
CompoSecure’s predecessor (by merger), Roman DBDR Acquisition Corporation (Roman DBDR) completed its IPO on November 10, 2020 and CompoSecure completed its merger with Roman DBDR on December 28, 2021.
Does CompoSecure pay a dividend on its stock?
Roman DBDR did not pay dividends. The payment of cash dividends in the future will be dependent upon CompoSecure’s revenues and earnings, if any, capital requirements and general financial condition. The payment of any dividends is in the discretion of our board of directors. Also, our ability to declare and pay dividends may be limited by restrictive covenants in our credit facility.
Does CompoSecure have a direct stock purchase plan?
CompoSecure does not have a direct stock purchase plan at this time. We plan to revisit this issue periodically in the future.
Where can I find CompoSecure’s SEC filings?
Recent investor presentations, press releases and financial information provided by the company will be available on our Investor Relations website. For additional information, please visit the SEC website.
Who is CompoSecure’s transfer agent?
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust
1 State Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10004-1561
Where is CompoSecure incorporated?